Sunday, April 8, 2012

2012 Finish-Along

I learned about this too late to participate in the first round, so I'm participating in the 2nd-quarter link-up! Here are my UFOs that I want to finish, or at least work on, this quarter. (Pictures to come once I'm on my desktop.)

  • Christmas Quilt for my mother-in-law
    • This is currently basted, and I've started doing the FMQ. Unfortunately, I'm not feeling super-inspired at the moment to know how to quilt it--since it's a sampler, I don't want to do an all-over quilting pattern like stippling. So far pretty much all I've done is quilted around the appliques...
    • DSCN3730
    • (I don't have any more recent pictures than this...)
  • Across The Sea quilt-along quilt
    • Significant progress has occurred in the past few months! I've gone from having less than half the blocks completed to having a finished quilt top that is basted, and quilting has begun. I'm using Oh, Fransson's tutorial for machine quilting loopy flowers and quilting flowers basically all over. This one is for me! :)
    • DSCN4436
  • Sew. Happy. Quilt quilt-along
    • The quilt-along is finished and I've made ONE of the twelve blocks, isn't that sad?
  • Garden Squares quilt
    • I have maybe 12 squares finished and another 6 or so half-finished. I don't know yet how big I want to make this, but that will partly depend on whether I can still get backing fabric for it.
    • DSCN3785
  • Kaleidoscope quilt
    • This one has been on hold since, oh, about July of last year. I need to figure out what I want to do with it. Maybe a baby quilt?
  • Bowtie block quilt
    • This is the quilt I'm making with the bowties from the swap on Flickr. I'm keeping a few of the bowties I've made for myself and will swap the rest. My goal is to make it sort of an asymmetrical circle-ish pattern... can't describe it exactly... need to find a picture on Pinterest!

These are the projects I have in progress at the moment. This doesn't include the following not-yet-started projects:

  • Bust Your Scraps quilt-along: I have technically started this, if cuttting squares and rectangles from a jelly roll counts as starting
  • Mod Times quilt: I've pulled fabrics from my stash that are sort of raspberry pink based and flowered, and will make this for Happy Chemo as part of Hands2Help.
  • At least one additional, as-yet-determined, quilt for Happy Chemo, OR for Newborns in Need
  • Two flannel swaddling blankets that will be donated for auction over at Musings of a Marfan Mom, these need to get done, like, this week
  • Getting my freaking embroidery unit fixed so I can finally embroider! Grrrrr.

I'm hoping to have more sewing time this quarter than I did last quarter. January, February, and March are by far the busiest months of the year for me, because I'm taking kids to math competitions at least twice a month. This month we've got our state convention in two weeks and then we're pretty much done for the year.

As soon as the pictures are added, I'll be linking up to


2012 Finish-A-Long