Friday, June 10, 2011

100 Quilts for Kids

Hi all,

Just wanted to quickly share something I plan to participate in this summer/early next year.


Swim, Bike, Quilt



100 Quilts for Kids is a drive started by quilters in a DC guild to make quilts to give to kids in local communities at Christmas. I have a baby quilt in progress (will blog later) that I've been considering what to do with, so maybe this will go for that, or I'll make something new--this seems like a perfect use for a Baby Rag Quilt (though I've already made one of those and I'm trying to do things I haven't done before). We'll see! I will probably be donating my quilt(s) to Project Linus, though I'll have to find a chapter.



  1. I think I might have already left a comment, but it is late and I can't remember. Thanks so much for posting/putting the button in your sidebar. And spin class is brutal. I ride my bike a lot. Up and down hills. Spin class kicked my butt two weeks ago!

  2. No problem! I really like the idea so I'm happy to promote it.

    My dad said the same thing--he regularly rides 60-100 miles in any given weekend and he said that the only spin class he ever took was nearly impossible!


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