Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Hi all! Back from vacation, lots of exciting crafty things going on... ready to get back to the sewing machine! So here are my WIPs for the week:
I made a skirt! I did not finish it in time for skirt week, oh well. I'm just proud that I finished it. DSCN2552


No cute pictures of me modeling it, but take my word for it, it DOES fit and it looks pretty good. I still need to sew the clasp onto the waistline, but other than that it's completely done.
The pattern was a "learn to sew" pattern from New Look (I posted about it in my previous post) and it was straightforward and easy, though the fact that I had to make it in a size 18 still rankles.

Continuing WIPs:
The Supernova is getting to the finishing point!
I mentioned previously that I wanted to make three more blocks so that I could have 3 of each color, 3 rows of 4. At the point when I took this picture (pre-vacation) I was stalled because I was waiting for the last little bit of fabric I needed to arrive. I'd run out of the lime green in the corners of the green block, the pink in the corners of the pink block, and the dark purple in the diagonals of the purple block. I ran into trouble when I realized that Connecting Threads had sold out of the lime green! But fortunately, they still had precuts of all the fabrics, and the amount I needed was small enough that a charm pack did the trick. (Of course, now I have charms of all the other fabrics in the line left over...).
Here's a tentative layout for how I plan to arrange the blocks, once I've finished the last three. (Peanut really likes it, as you can see...) Then I just need to do the border and it'll be time for me to quilt my VERY FIRST QUILT!! Gulp. I'm terrified. I'm debating waiting until I take the long-arm quilting class in August, but I'd really like to finish SOMETHING this summer.

New: Kaleidoscope Quilt-Along
I wasn't sure about doing this one. Then I saw this and it inspired me. The background color (teal in this picture) will be the charcoal gray. The foreground color will be the various pink and teal prints.


Garden Fence Quilt:

The block is from a tutorial from Hyacinth Quilt Designs--I LOVE it! I bought this stack of fat quarters from Sew Fresh Fabrics a while ago in a bundle with a yard of June Jubilee by Alexander Henry. I really love the fabric but I wasn't sure what to do with it. I definitely think, though, that this is a great fit of fabric and pattern! I've cut out enough for 4 squares of each color, but I've run out of all the solids. I'm going to hold off on ordering more until I have some of the squares put together.

(Both of these pictures are saved from Sew Fresh Fabric's Etsy store.)

I have super exciting sewing machine news too, but that will come in a later post!

(I also switched over to Blogger, with the idea that it's a little more user-friendly than Wordpress. All previous posts have been copied over!)

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  1. Congrats on your first quilt! It looks wonderful.

  2. Love your colour choices of all your quilts. The Super Nova is fabulous, really bright and cheerful.
    I love the Garden Fence pattern but I have too many other projects on the go and waiting in the wings to do that this year. The colours you have chosen are really pretty.

  3. Wow - also *love* that June Jubilee. Don't blame you for having to work with it. :D

  4. The skirt is awesome! And Peanuts looks both cute and helpful.

  5. Lizzie, glad to see the skirt. you should model it. love that you are sewing!! good luck with the new machine!!


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