Monday, May 21, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival

I didn't think I would be able to participate in Blogger's Quilt Festival this year, but once I read the rules and saw that you could post quilts you've already posted, so... here we go!


This is my Supernova quilt! I started this quilt in March 2011 as part of the quiltalong hosted by Lee of Freshly Pieced. At the time, I didn't really realize what I was getting myself into--I had completed one rag quilt made of simple square blocks, and another quilt top (Sunkissed Squares from Moda Bake Shop). I had NO idea how challenging this pattern was, but that was probably a good thing. :)

I realized once I had made nine blocks that I didn't like the way it looked with three blocks of one color and two of the others, so I made an extra block of each color to have a total of 12.



I squared them up to 14 inches each, I think, but I didn't pay tons of attention to how I was doing it, so as you can see in the picture below, the corners don't all meet up well.


I backed the quilt in this fabric from Joann's, which my mom picked out from my stash...


quilted it with three straight(ish) lines through each vertical, horizontal, and diagonal line of the quilt, and bound it in yellow.


I didn't have a recipient in mind when I started the quilt, but eventually I decided that my mom needed a quilt for her birthday!


And she loved it :) (even though the binding wasn't finished yet!)

Thanks for reading! If you aren't currently a follower, I hope you will stick around. Since I'm a teacher, the vast majority of my quilting and blogging occur during the summer--I just don't have that much time during the school year! But now that we're down to 7 days left of school, things will pick up a lot around here! :)



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  1. Love your Supernova - such a great pattern!

  2. What lovely colors, i like this very much:))

  3. Love it! It looks like fireworks!

  4. oh I love me a supernova and yours is delish - just love your palette! Congrats on a lovely finish!

  5. Love your colors. It's a nice quilt.

  6. I am working on a + and x set of blocks now and the effect is much the same ... along with some of the issues. I like the fresh look of yours.

  7. Great to see anoather SuperNova finished! That was an awesome quilt-a-long with Lee.


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