Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Finish-Along 1st Quarter 2013

We will see how many of these get done. 

1. Red bubble quilt


This is basically a whole cloth quilt (with a pieced border) with appliquéd circles. The circles were attached with basting spray and then I'm free-motion quilting over them to stitch them down permanently (inspired by this quilt at from the blue chair). I have to say, I'm not enjoying it super-much. This is destined for a child in foster care. It's about halfway through the quilting process, and could get finished in a day or two if I had enough room on my sewing table to manipulate it...

2. Giant granny square quilt


These granny squares are all made from charm squares from an I Spy Spoonflower swap. I still have tons of these charms and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the rest of them… This quilt is basted, but I haven't started quilting yet.

3. Chevron quilt


This is becoming a REALLY long process! For this quilt, I sewed 2.5" strips of Connecting Threads Urban Odyssey with 2.5" strips of Kona white. Then I cut each strip into 4.5" squares and then arranged them in a chevron pattern. At their longest, these rows are 20 squares long! And I have a VERY small living room. I'd love to get this top finished this quarter. I don't even remember when I started this. FYI: I started doing this with a pack of 2.5" strips. That was not nearly enough fabric. Once I realized that, of course they were out of 2.5" strip packs, so I had to buy quarter yards of every fabric I wanted to use (about 16 of them, I think). I ended up using 2 strips total for each fabric.

4. Sew.Happy.Quilt quiltalong



I think I might have finished one more block for this one that's not shown.

5. Garden Squares quiltDSCN3785

I need to start making some more of these.

6. Bow tie quilt

I'm swapping some more bow ties this month or next, but I'm getting close to the number I need!

7. Granny square quilt(s)

Need to trim and sew these together. I ended up with 45 or so in total.

8. We Bee Learning 2012 quilt top

My month for We Bee Learning was December, and my bee-mates made me this block with any 4 bright solids they chose for the boxes. I'm still waiting for a few of them, and I need to make mine.

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  1. You have 45 of the granny squares!!!! That's amazing, and they're so pretty :)

  2. This is going to sound crazy, but I've never seen a chevron quilt put together like this one! It seems so brilliant! :) Love it!

  3. This is set to sound absurd, however I've never seen a chevron sew assemble like this one! It appears so shining!


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