Sunday, April 14, 2013

Finish-Along Q2

I finished NOTHING on my FAL list for Q1… my most substantial finish, my Starburst quilt, was not on my list. Oh well. :( Here's to quarter 2 being better!

1. Red bubble quilt

Quilted and ready for binding.DSCN6438

2. Giant granny square quilt


This is quilted and ready for binding.

3. Ten Little Things I Spy quilt


I would like to get this finished in time for my cousin's baby shower on the 20th. Quilted and ready for binding.

4. Sew.Happy.Quilt quiltalong

Maybe putting it on the list will spur me to get out the bag and actually work on it.

5. Garden Squares

Ditto. I actually started making a few more blocks, and I think I'm up to 15 now.

There are also a number of long-term things that I know aren't going to get finished this month, but I just want them detailed somewhere.

1. Chevron quilt


Of the 25-ish strips, I've sewn 5 or so together and need to start sewing more.

2. Bowtie quilt

I swapped 105 more bow tie blocks and now have about 180. That's enough for a 6' by 7.5' quilt, but I think I want it to be bigger. I could start laying them out in blocks, though.

3. Granny square quilt

I finished trimming them all, but I have 46 more coming in from my beemates in the Granny Block Bee this month. Then I have to figure out how to put them all together, given that some of them are as small as 8.5 inches and others are half an inch larger.

4. Scrappy Trip Along

5. We Bee Learning quilt

DSCN6205I've decided to request this block for my month in the Simply Solids Bee too, so that I'll have more blocks to work with and will be able to make a larger quilt.

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  1. Wow you do have a lot of lovely work in progress! Keep plodding on with it.

  2. I love your Giant Granny Square quilt, your Ten Little Things I Spy quilt and your Chevron quilt... They're all really good! I can't wait to see them finished!

  3. That bubble quilt is my favorite - wow you have lots of quilts in all stages of progress.

  4. What a great collection of WIPs - I love them all and look forward to seeing the finished results!

  5. Your collection of WIP is very large. I really like your Giant Granny Square quilt and the chevron quilt. Looking forward to seeing them finished. They are all lovely.


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