Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pay It Forward

I'm participating in a Pay It Forward! I saw it on Little Island Quilting's blog during Giveaway Day, she had only ONE spot left. Sadly, I was too late for that one spot, but.... I got this e-mail from her--

"It is but as it's Christmas and the season of goodwill to all men, I don't mind doing a fourth!

Send me your full name and address then sit back and wait!
So in honor of Alison's generosity, I am likewise going to send FOUR handmade gifts! :)
The Rules: (copied and pasted from somewhere out in blogland... actually from My Quilting Addiction because hers was most convenient)
1. Important! You have to have a blog.

2. I will make a little something for the first FOUR blog owners who comment on this post. It will be a surprise and I will make it and send it to you some time during the next 365 days after you have commented.  

3. Make sure you let me know your email address, or that you aren't a no-reply blogger so that I can get your contact details.

4. To get a handmade present from me, you have to play too! This means YOU pledge to send a little handmade something to 3 readers of your blog. It doesn't matter what you give, as long as it is handmade by you!

5. Once you comment here, you need to post about your Pay It Forward on your blog(within 48hrs) to keep the fun going! *you can just copy the rules from me and please include the Pay It Forward badge in your post. Also, feel free to join the Flickr group to see what else is being sent!

6. Follow my blog - I'd like that but you don't have to :)
How fun is this?? So, the first four commenters (who aren't no-reply bloggers) will be in! And you will get a handmade gift from me, sometime in the next year. Hope you'll decide to join me!

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  1. What fun. I took part in the SewMamaSew giveaway for the first time this year, and it was my first giveaway on my blog too. I love this idea too, but I can't find the Pay It Forward badge. Off to post now...

    majorasue(at)hotmail(dot)com - have to go change my profile too to make sure I'm not a "No-Reply", but I understand that blogspot sometimes has problems playing nice with wordpress and wanted to make sure


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