Saturday, December 17, 2011


Thank you to EVERYONE who entered! I loved reading all your Christmas crafting ideas, and I will definitely be trying some of them out in the future.

The winner of the handmade ornaments is commenter number 50!


And commenter number 50 was...


Congratulations, hwscutie! I've just e-mailed you to let you know you are the winner!

This weekend... sigh. Here's the list of things that have to be finished before Christmas:

  • Finish Christmas sampler quilt for my mother-in-law (I've finished 10 of 12 blocks... need to assemble top, quilt, and bind... gahhhh!!)
  • Finish something else... no details until after Christmas
  • Embroider 3 sweatshirts and 2 towels for my mom (as a favor to her, not a present) (2 sweatshirts and the towels are done)
  • Embroider 2 sets of placemats, one for my parents and one for my grandparents
  • Embroider saddle pad for sister in law (first have to purchase saddle pad)
  • Christmas present for my mom... no details as she reads my blog, but will require a fairly significant amount of time in front of computer
  • Embroider boxer shorts for my brother (he wants all of his underwear to say "Thursday" on it... how weird is that?? He's a 20-year-old college student, so I've stopped asking questions...)
  • Embroider tank top for other sister-in-law
  • Figure out one more gift for each grandparent (3 total)
  • Buy presents for my husband and my sister (I know what I'm getting my sister, but the husband... not so much)
  • Holiday baking (cookies for my coworkers and both families, dog treats for the approximately 12 dogs in the extended family)

Oh and I also have three more days of work in which I have to give (and then grade) 5 midterm exams. Fun!

This is the first time that I've really done any major crafting for Christmas presents. I usually give a couple of handmade ornaments but that's been the extent of it. Clearly I have bitten off a little more than I can chew... wish me luck!

(Christmas cookie recipes are coming later this week...)

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