Friday, February 1, 2013

Planned Quilts

Though I'm participating in the finish-along and making progress, I also have a LOT of quilts and quilt-alongs that I'm planning and starting this month, and I wanted to document those here. 


I've already mentioned that I'm participating in Elizabeth's Lucky Stars BOM club. I'm making these blocks with a variety of prints from several collections, including some by Heather Bailey, Sugar Pop, and a couple of others that coordinated. The background is Kona Peony.

So far I've made the practice block and January's block, and paper-piecing is much less scary than I thought. I doubt it'll ever take the place of regular piecing for me, but it's definitely an option now!

I like this quilt because of the oversized blocks--it reminds me a bit of Swoon, though they're not quite the same. I'm making the middle size out of a FQ bundle of Rainy Days and Mondays from Riley Blake. I got these fabrics for Christmas, but my mom found the bundles at Tuesday Morning! That's one of her favorite stores and on several occasions when I've stopped in there, I've found older collections of quilt shop quality fabric at very low prices. 

I've cut most of the fabric for the blocks but not the background. I'm a little bit unsure of what I'm going to use for the background--I think white, because that's all I really have a lot of...

This pattern is so cool! I'm only going to make 12 blocks, which will perfectly use up a 20-strip jelly roll I have in my stash (another Tuesday Morning find, a Tanya Whelan collection of pastels) and will be a perfect baby-sized quilt.

Taking Turns quilt


I made this block as part of We Bee Learning this past year, and I really like it. So I'm going to make a quilt using this pattern and my stash of Tula Pink Prince Charming. My local yarn shop changed ownership this year, and the old owner was liquidating the yarn and fabric stocks in preparation for closing, so I was able to get about 7 yards of Prince Charming for half price! Since it's such a large scale print, I think it'll look really good in these oversized blocks (18.5 inches unfinished).

We Bee Learning 2012 quilt

My month in We Bee Learning was December. I requested that my bee-mates make this block. In the pattern it looks boring and retro. But in bright solids...


So much better!

I'm missing two blocks that are en route from Saskatchewan, Canada. I'm also planning to make probably 8 more blocks in order to size this up to 4 by 5 instead of 3 by 4. 

Finally, I'm hopping on the Scrappy Trip Along bandwagon, and I'm participating in a strip swap in order to make my blocks even scrappier. I'm also swapping 6.5" string blocks, which is a fantastic way to stash bust--my stash bins are (VERY SLOWLY) being emptied! 

So that's, what, 4 completely new quilts, plus the bee quilt? I think I TOTALLY deserve to link up to



  1. Beautiful projects. I like that taking turns block too. I did it in the same block bee. Making a quilt for my son from that pattern right now. Thanks for linking up.

  2. Lots of good eye candy on your post today. You really do have a reason to link up to the NEW FO linky.

  3. I've been thinking about doing that simply woven quilt. Too much to get done before getting started. Sure looks fun.

  4. Lots of exciting projects on the go! I love the lime green block on the taking turns quilt in progress - the tula pink prince charming will complement this perfectly. I am a big fan of the teardrop/raindrop fabric.

  5. Oh yes, I agree! Very ambitious start to the year with so many great projects started in January! Can't wait to see what you decide to start for February :*D

  6. Wow, lots of fun projects there Liz, love the simply woven pattern & looking forward to seeing it's progress!

  7. I love your bee blocks - such gorgeous colours!

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