Sunday, February 10, 2013

Starburst and Triple Zip Pouch

I got two major goals for the month accomplished tonight!


So when I decided to make the middle size (32" blocks) I really didn't have a clear idea in my head of JUST HOW BIG that was. Just to give you an idea, my Nook is in the first picture as a size reference. Freaking ridiculous. That said, I'm very pleased with how they have turned out thus far, except that I wish I'd used something other than white for the background. White was just the only thing i had 4 yards of and I am trying to avoid buying additional fabric. Kona Ash would have looked better but was not available locally. :(

The other two blocks will have the same colors of burst points--red for the umbrella centers, green for the polka dot center. The FQ bundles I'm using only came with 5 prints total, so I'm making it work despite the fact that the tutorial calls for 12. 

I'd also like to thank Melissa and the Fat Quarter Shop--I won last week's giveaway! I won a charm pack of Honey Honey, which I'm super excited to use. 

So pretty!

I also was able to complete a Triple Zip Pouch tonight.


The main pouch is Anna Maria Horner's First Impressions from the Innocent Crush collection (LOVE this fabric, found almost a yard of it I didn't know I had!). The accent fabrics are Bella Solid in light blue and one of the prints from Lucy's Crab Shack.


The lining is one of the Riley Blake chevrons. 

This was quick, but not easy. I had some difficulties, exacerbated by my missing seam ripper. I kept getting the lining caught in my stitching, and I'm really not super-good at sewing zippers in the first place. I also have one little area near the top zipper where I wasn't able to stitch close enough to the zipper while sewing up the sides, and so the fusible fleece shows a bit. Once I find a hand-sewing needle, I'll fix that. In the meantime, not too bad a job for my first effort, and I plan to make several more of these at some point. I just need to figure out what I'm going to use this for--it's a little small for most of my pouchy needs.

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  1. I like that zip pouch! REally neat!

  2. Your Starburst blocks look fantastic. I love the white background, although I am pretty partial to white :) And way to go for sewing from your stash!! So glad you like your charm pack :)

  3. Wow! That's a middle sized?! It's a lovely block.

  4. Darling pouch! So glad you joined in, despite the fussiness with the zips. And your Starburst blocks - love them! Very very nice!!


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